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Bristol Barrow Road - Black 5 44965 plus Comet Coaches




Diesels are alright but I thought it about time we had steam so this afternoon my modified Hornby Black 5 44965 stretched her legs around the layout for the first time.


The engine is converted to P4 using Alan Gibson wheels. The Hornby chassis has cosmetic frames - a Gibson milled version - which I attached using strips of plasticard, as spacers, to widen the distance between the frames. The coupling rods and valve gear are the original Hornby ones - I removed the threaded nuts from the Hornby wheels and fixed them into the Gibson wheels which enabled use of the original fixinfgscrews.
The front bogie has been replaced using a Masokits unit and Comet side frames. Extra detailing comes from a Brassmasters detailing kit for the Black 5.


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Excellent, Robin. Amazing, isn't it, that a loco with no real suspension can run so well when, often, our sprung or compensated efforts hurl themselves from the track with seeming gay abandon. Probably a lesson there.

Good to see it all working nicely.

Got to get those fiddle yard sidings done now!


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Dave, The chinese Hornby Black 5 with the sprung rear driver and brass bearings on all axles does give more than adequate suspension on my track work which is more than can be said for than Bachmann Crab I converted around the same time. I must start to add some storage sidings as I nearly ran into the back of a parked loco on the Up main this morning!


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