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York 2018




So the much advertised snow didn't materialise (or rather it materialised mostly as rain) and we made it back in pretty good time from York. Maybe the promise of snow put off the usual Easter bank holiday trippers because the roads were fairly clear... of traffic if not water.


The show was an enjoyable one with us parked next to the 2mm roadshow and also the Jerry and Kim roadshow. We had a selection of guest operators on each day so thanks to all of them.


We were next to Mike and Judith Edge and I was betting that someone in the 2mm party would buy a shot down kit but as far as I know things only progressed as far as looking at a catalogue. We also had plenty of time in the evenings to check out a few local hostelries.


On the whole the layout managed to keep going for three days. We had a stuck point blade on the branch junction today but managed to work around it using the east crossover for main line departures. It was nice that the east crossover decided to cooperate because this one was sticking the previous day. Ho hum.


The Easter Special


A decent crowd


A dodgy crowd


I also managed to spend some quality time on Friday with a certain resident of the National Railway Museum - didn't you know that every Cornish layout needs an EM1?

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An excellent weekend Andy, StRuth gets better every time I see it.


What's David Long describing in the picture of him and Kim - caption competition opportunity there!!



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Thanks Jerry.


How about...


'You should have seen how many of Pauline's flapjacks I've had - I reckon it's about this much'

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