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The Long Drag to Garsdale - Forward with the Planning

Southern Fabricator


The need to focus on what control system to run my layout has been evolving as I have been constructing the Garsdale buildings. Rather than having a continuous dual loop I may attempt to use twin tranversers, one at each end of the layout to enable consist/engine interchange. I am also working towards a dual DC/DCC system that will initially use a DC track controller along with servo turnout and signalling MegaPoint control system.

Having constructed my first module, there are some further baseboard design features that I need to incorporate such as stack ability for storage and its transportation and for the protection of the diorama.

I’m using Peco Code 75 track and have already prepared the Electrofrog turnouts for DCC operation. The increase in sleeper spacing is also under consideration. Two double slips and a three way turnout still need to be purchased.

There’s a lot of options when one is building up a miniature scale version of a location on the Settle and Carlisle. Getting the diorama features to resemble the prototype brings it’s own challenges especially constructing the dry stone walls. Everyone has a solution such as pea gravel, cat litter, ready made, or the one that Physicsman engineered using individual pieces of scaled DAS stone blocks. For me this last approach seems a jump towards insanity, but the result speaks volumes!
I will try a similar approach but perhaps try a different way for assembling the stone block work.

Then there’s the trees. There’s a whole raft of methods for creating a ‘new forest’ but I decided the best one for me will be the twisted wire method as shown on You Tube by Luke Towan amongst others.
I’ve managed to master the wire bit and have a small selection now waiting for some spring
foliage to appear.

Other issues are slowing me down at the moment so please be patient. My enthusiasm for this project hasn’t disappeared.

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