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Develpoments at Crymlyn A Shop.



Here at Crymlyn A Shop the foreman isn't happy about the further delay to the completion of the Andrew Barclay contract.


Percy Veerance travelled to NEWGOG to meet

collect the new rear cab spectacle sheet sub contracted to Minerva Engineering.


Unfortunately the Minerva accountant, Ezra Pound, messed up the paperwork and Percy was unable to collect it.


We suspect that Ezra won't be collecting his holiday bonus this year either!


Our foreman has also had a complaint from a HMRI representative (Her Majesty's Railway Inspectorate) of non compliance regarding rule ..... concerning the provision of galvanised buckets on his locomotives.


He has instructed Baldrick, the Crymlyn A Shop gofor, to line up the Graig Wen Colliery loco stud to prove that this rule is being complied with.


Here is a little challenge to our readers: Can you identify the numbers of these locomotives.


All their numbers are listed here with a few spurious ones. 1140, 1142, 1143, 1144, 1147, 1338, & 1361.


Please feel free to post your answers but the answer will not be posted next Monday when Baldrick has promised to turn them around in the same order.


When the foreman was asked if he would like to donate a prize he replied that Baldrick could go and ..................................!!!


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