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Gronk One, 08 in 2FS



It was Mick Simpsons article on building an 08 in MRJ 252 that finally did it, though the pressure had been building for some time. I've dabbled in the past with P4, 7mm and 16.5, 14mm, 009, but these days I'm more used to 16mm or 7/8ths scales, with a track around the garden that has similar civil engineering issues to the real thing! So why 2FS? I mean it's so small, watchlike, and there is a clue. I had thought for a long time that I'd like to make a clock from scratch, I already have a small lathe, and spent some time reading up and watching YouTube, where you can find all manner of fascinating horological processes taking place for the camera, but after careful consideration I came to the conclusion that it would cost me a small fortune in specialised tools that would only get a small amount of use, so, reluctantly, I was out.
Then I had to travel to London for a meeting, bought MRJ for a read on the train, and there was this beautiful mechanism to sit under the rather tasty Farish 08 body. I read it keenly, read a few more MRJs and saw how the 2FS world was coming alive, read some wonderful and inspiring articles, convinced myself that I had to build a Chris Higgs etch, joined the Association and spent some cash. I got a CCT etch too.
I'm not too sure where this we'll end up. There's no time or space (or appetite) to build an epic layout, but I have always wanted something to run an 08 on, and I almost fell for the new O Gauge one, but this little gem will allow me to do something that's attainable in a small space, possibly with a Victorian industrial type setting, plenty of urban decay and so on, but I'm planning on enjoying the journey.
I soon achieved a milestone on the 08, managing to turn the worm drive and see the drive train turn with all but the final drive axle in place. The frames had been rather more abused than they deserve, but progress was being made, steady as we go. I've learnt a lot. Solder paste has proved to be a revolution, tweezers not pliers, and check for square, then check again.
Holes, 0.3mm have proved to be a challenge, hoping that some tungsten carbide drill bits from Amazon will assist here. The brake shoes need to be drilled and folded, they are so tiny that I think I will invest in a magnifying lamp as soon as I can, but I've managed ok so far.
I’m a slow worker but I enjoy sitting in the sun with a kit or two to build, so let’s see what happens.

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