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Sylvian Tennant


So, I've managed to get the paint work done on the tram. As I've decided to devise my own railway for it, I took some personal liberties such as the purple motif on the side skirts.






The lining is far from the best, but I used what I had to hand, a white gel pen which I've used on larger projects such as the 16mm scale wagons. But, it'll do and show what can be done with materials I had to hand.


I wanted to pt the name of the railway but I couldn't find my gold gel pen so instead I just give it a number with some transfers I had to hand from a previous commission. It's the number of the first house I lived in.


I'll need to varnish it with some Klear, and add the last bits of detail. Now I'm wondering whether to weather it, just a touch to show a working engine rather than your typically well groomed 7mm model.

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