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"You said you'd run out of wagons to make" ........... Learn to keep it secret !



I'm known for being almost a wagon addict, I've always got at least one on the go, but there comes a time when space
is running low. In a casual conversation with my local buddy I said I only had 3 kits left in stock and might not buy any
more with my 'yard' containing around 450.
Next thing he offered me a Cooper Craft, Ex-Slaters NER Birdcage brake van, would I make it for him ? With it's 19
pieces of brass wire not an easy build. Here it is as I'm beginning to paint.




Still a ways to go, but looking the part ?



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Nice work Geoff: Some fine detail in there - and anything 'birdcage' always catches my attention - it's so characteristic of a certain era and makes for a distinctive item of stock.

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Thanks Southernboy,


Derek has another on the way and I expect to be asked to make it. Although not an easy kit it certainly

is an interesting subject.


Having had it's second Bauxite painting (still damp here) it's looking quite nice. Next the foot boards

need painting up fully, the tall stove pipe chimney adding, several lamp brackets, roof painting then

decalling. I expect this will hang around for another week at least.


MMMM don't know how to add a picture in 'Replies'



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