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My good wife spelt the evening watching the blizzard of pyrotechnics and strobes which after a while, I realised was Eurovision... Ho hum, business as usual.


I did watch the voting, more or less, it’s no fun any more. The new voting format seems designed to gloss over the more obvious politicking and settling of old scores between “far-off countries of which we know little”. None of the hostesses QUITE fell out of her dress, and they all had ample supplies of cheesy, laboured “humour”. One of the lesser-known entrants had an actual opera singer with an actual VOICE!


UK, as usual, came last-but-two. No offence to the girl, but I thought that was about right.. a forgettable entry from a minor writer, delivered by a singer who was a backing singer for Belgium last year.


Mind you, I don’t suppose it will do anything to dispel the general cynicism about the voting, and mockery of the whole thing which is the general British view of the occasion. Graham Norton seems to be well advanced in his transition to the throne vacated by the late, great Sir Terry. Israel’s eligibility is currently enmeshed in some sort of legal manouvering.. how fortuitous that they won, and so are next year’s hosts-designate!


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That was on, was it? Ugh! I'm glad I missed it, the advantages of an internet TV - we don't have to watch broadcast rubbish! Your summary would seem very apt, my wife tells me that Australia in now in this 'competition'.


Something is really wrong with their 'geography', the closest link Aus has is that it was settled by Europeans and as for Isreal being in - diabolical.

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I watched it ...reluctantly...for the first time in 20 years.


Totally diabolical....was bored out of my skull........


The whole show and format should be taken to one side and shot and put out of it`s misery.....



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Remember when Israel used to turn out a decent song, good enough to win:


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