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New Rail Models 40018 Blue Point Manual Turnout Controller



Hi, at a recent model railway exhibition at Bloxwich in the Midlands one of the exhibitors showed me a "New Rail Models 40018 Blue Point Manual Turnout controller". It seemed just what I was after and I quickly found information about it on the internet. However, after an hour and a half further searching I can't find a UK supplier. So the questions are 1) Has anyone used them and what has been your experience and 2) Does anyone know where to get them in the UK . . . ideally the West Midlands?



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You will get more answers in the Q&A forum than in a blog post.



Buying from the USA is very easy, just be aware that duty and the dreaded £8 “handling charge” is nearly always payable on goods valued over £15. Amazon.com is the simplest way to order from the US as they handle the duty at checkout and no more is payable on arrival here, unlike regular stores.


My solution to manual control switching is here- http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/955/entry-9406-point-operating-mechanism-cheap-and-works-well/

Costs less than that clever design.

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