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Always something to trip you up !



O.K not quite a finished NER Birdcage Brake Van.
That's where the trip comes. The decal sheet was 'dead', a press-fix and for anyone who has used them
there should be a protected surface film on the underside. When you cut out your required marking this
adhesive is what you press onto your model to hold it in place, then when located correctly you add water
to an over tissue. This water both releases the over tissue and activates the permanent adhesive which
is included with the tacky film.
Sorry about the teach-in, but it helps you understand my problem.


So ? Well the Cooper Craft/Slaters decal sheet was 'dead', not only was the tacky film not active, but when
water added the protective tissue lifted away, but the decal didn't adhere to my model, Huh - Dead !!


I have been asking questions in the forum, but although this is a known problem with some press-fix decals
nobody has a fool proof way of resurrecting them !!!!






Note the rather prominent lamp brackets that have been added from fine micro strip, 3 to each end and one
each side near the door. Hopefully this will be finished withing a few hours of a HMRS LNER press-fix decal
sheet arriving. It has the essentials, but sadly not all the allocation names.



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That's a nice build and prototype. I don't know about the Coopercraft/Slaters decals, but when I have this problem with old HMRS transfers I simply hold down the decal with a sharp scalpel and add a drop of thinned matt varnish to hold it in place. Would that work I wonder?

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Thanks for the input Mikkel,


Never yet had problems with HMRS decals, some of which must be at least 7 years old.


I had wondered about a thin varnish, or my first experiment will be with Johnsons Kleer

acrylic floor polish. It's like water and used to seal decals on and float larger decals about

by many aircraft modellers.

The possible down side is that the allocation locations are made up from 1.0 mm individual

letters, you can't hold a complete word with scalpel points unless you have around 8 hands !

The question will sliding off the top tissue disturb any letters ? Only one way experiment.


My LNER HMRS sheet has arrived so all basic decals will come from that. It also includes

the allocation 'Gateshead' and with this model being for a friend we have flexibility !!


Next posting will show how I've got on !! Fingers crossed ..........................



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