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Chelford 2018




Yesterday I took all of my various Hayle related bits and pieces to the Supermeet/Skills day at Chelford. It was a great day but it's fair to say that I was ready for some sleep by the time I got home again.




I got a bunch of my research photos printed by one of the online companies. I hadn't actually realised just how many I'd managed to hoover up while researching Hayle. The ones that fitted into the display hangers were probably less than half of the ones printed... and there were still a good few that I did not print.


Apart from being an opportunity to have an enjoyable day rabbiting on about my own interests to anyone willing to listen it was also a good chance to see how the shunting tractor performed over the course of a full day's operation. It was still working at packing up time so there were no major breakages although it did exhibit some rather odd behaviour late in the afternoon that will probably be tricky to pin down because I predict that it will perform perfectly when I try to make it do the same thing back at base. I wired up the 'main line' for locomotive operation on the day before the show but lots of people were asking questions about how it works so the lid was being lifted frequently and the loco didn't spend much time actually being used.


Laurie Adams spent a good while chatting about shunting tractors so it was great to compare notes. Laurie and a few other people had a go at driving and quite a few people declined to have a go when offered.


I also picked up another Worsley Works class 22 kit from Mr Doherty... and found a third for a very reasonable sum on the bring and buy stand.

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and found a third for a very reasonable sum on the bring and buy stand


Good to know it went to a good home Andy - it's been sat in my gloat box since before Dapol announced their model, and had zero chance of being built by me in the next decade or three.


Anyway, it was a very enjoyable day yesterday. Thanks for bringing your Hayle display for us all to see.



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Cheers Andy. I'm intending to stick with the approach that I used for my other class 22 - the Worsley kit on an Atlas MP15 chassis. It does run very well and my previous experience of Dapol stuff has been pretty variable. I haven't picked a prototype yet but the plan is to try to make life less difficult for myself this time by choosing one that needs fewer changes from the kit as designed.


I have quite a few other things to get off my workbench first though, but an extra class 22 (or two now) is definitely on the 'to do' list for Hayle.


Regards, Andy

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Hope you weren’t sitting facing a wall all day though Andy :O


Glad it all went well though - another 22 build sounds good...

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Hope you weren’t sitting facin a wall all day though Andy :O


Glad it all went well though - another 22 build sounds good...


No, I was allowed to turn around once in each hour ;)


Actually, I asked for a spot against the wall because I had those big plastic photo display thingies and I'd checked some pictures from our previous Chelford outing and I spotted the picture rail on the wall... otherwise goodness knows how I would have displayed the photos. I have most of them on my tablet but it usually takes me quite a while to locate a specific photo if someone asks a question.


I'm looking forward to doing a second class 22 but I really need to get some other stuff off my workbench first. Just now there is quite a lot of primering and sanding of 3d printed bits going on when the weather allows.


Regards, Andy

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