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Still not finished, but creeping along.



I always rush on with my ideas, then when it's 90% done I tend to leave
and start something else - Just like a kid in a sweet shop !!
This is the diorama from my posting of 23rd April, getting nearer, but also
shows in the siding another reason for being so slow. Not only the birdcage
brake van of recent postings, but also this Ratio 12 ton Southern van. It was
another of my friend Derek's kits, but I have replenished some kit stocks so I
shouldn't go 'stir crazy' if we have a few wet weeks this summer.




No major work required, my stream hidden in this view, more garden shrubs &
perhaps some bean sticks with small seedlings. The front fence & gates need
sorting to keep the sheep out ...... and should I add a dotted white line in the
road ?


Oh and I really MUST weather that cottage.



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That looks really good, I think. A ot of depth to the scene from this viewing angle.


I know what you mean about slowing down after the first 90% has been done. Maybe it's because at that point you have seen the main results, and the challenge is gone?

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