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Bristol Barrow Road - Boiler House and Stores




By way of a change I have spent some time assembling the two kits of laser cut parts for the boiler house and the stores at the rear of the shed these being the last of the buildings provided by York Modelmaking back in 2010. Both buildings are made from 2mm laser cut mdf with hard plastic [Rowmark] for the window frames and brick details which I glue to the mdf. Each building was given a coat of grey primer and coloured using Faber polychromos crayons. The tiles are also from York and are self adhesive strips. Both buildings have extra detailing added.


First the boiler house at the rear of the workshop.












The stores at the rear of the roundhouse.







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The boiler house and stores buildings look very good, Robin.

How many of the fiddle yard points did you manage before needing a sanity break?


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Thanks for all the kind comments.

I just started them again Dave. I managed eight before I ran out of copper clad and had to wait 2 weeks for C&L to deliver a fresh pack.

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Great stuff Robin. I'm sure it was very refreshing to get back to some 'modelling' after all that time spent on trackwork and electrics.

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Wonderful stuff Robin. What a beautiful project it all is. How great it would all be if we could go & visit (trespass) the real thing in Bristol!

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Hi John,  It was a pleasant change to model some buildings however it was back to track making and laying today with 5 turnouts sorted in the storage sidings.


Indeed it would Pinehill - you'll just have to imagine it in the model.

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That's looking absolutely superb! I love the brickwork, it would be very interesting to hear a bit more about your technique as it's very effective. Will all the turntable be operational?

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Hi, Thanks for your kind comment. My technique for the brickwork is detailed in earlier posts on pages 15 to 17 of this blog and involves using a selection of crayons to colour individual bricks at random after first spraying the mdf with grey primer.

I intend to have the turntable operational and have a stepper motor to install once the turntable bridge is made.

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Hi Robin.

How about the various wagon turntables? I suppose if they were only used for non-operational locos or wheel sets, there's no point in having them work on the layout?


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Hi Dave,  Loco turntable on road 2 gives access into the workshop and was used infrequently during the 1950s. Loco turntable 4 gives access to the two sidings adjacent to the boiler house and this was used to store withdrawn locos. I have photos of two Pugs 51217 and 51218 on these sidings together with another of 3F 43444. Both are designed to be operated and I hope to do this at some point - not a high priority though.


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The prototype for the Airfix Pug, 51212, can also be seen on one of those two roads in some photos of the shed.

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