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Stour valley dream - 3rd baseboard constructed

Fen End Pit


A wander around Clare country park on Saturday (boy it was hot!) spurred me on to cutting the plywood for the next baseboard of my Stour valley project. Last time we went a few years back the station building was all boarded up and in a pretty sorry state. Fortunately it is now opened up again as a Tea room and it did a very decent bacon bap and cheese toastie. The booking hall is available for eating and features some nice photographs and map of the station.






Construction is all from 6mm ply, laser cut and glued. I got almost all the tabs and slots right first time (which was pleasing) and then stuck two bits together the wrong way and had to cut them again (which wasn't!).


Today I transferred the Templot track drawing onto 6mm cork and cut it to fit between the platform edges. This gives a decent guide where to stick down the ply sleepers.






Once I have the Marks Tey bound platform track built I'll be able to play at reversing pickup goods trains into the yard for a spot of shunting.


I don't expect to get much done for the rest of the week, a new armful of drugs tomorrow will probably see me sleeping 23 hours a day based on previous form.



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This looks an interesting project. I'm curious to know how you transferred the templot plan to the cork. Thank you.

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I just copy the a .dxf out of templot into TurboCAD, I used the laser cutter to just mark the surface of cork.



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