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The Long Drag to Garsdale - Three way Turnouts a personnel experience

Southern Fabricator


Experience, there’s nothing quite like it! As you maybe aware I’ve been immersed in the joys of diode matrix wiring for the above. Much to the delight of my fellow GWRM club members two of us have finally cracked getting the 3 way point to operate the way it should using three momentary button switches on the loop/yard module control panel.

Thanks to the UK Heywood Model Railway Group posting on the internet, John Essex has a solenoid matrix wiring system that I can endorse after finding other systems did not deliver the same result. Wiring diagrams and labelling really helps too! We do use non diode wiring as well for 3 ways on other modules, but because it was determined that a diode route setting system would be more advantageous for this busy end module we persevered until it was achieved.
So we are now all happy campers ready to use the fully operational module for our layout at the Taupo Modellers Exhibition next week here in NZ.

Now hopefully I can at last return to my own project, strangely not using a diode solenoid matrix but rc servos!


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