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Exmoor Rail 2018




Some photos from our trip to Minehead today


The venue is an indoor skateboard park - note the rampy things against the wall.


The nextdoor neighbours seem to to be even more into their hydraulics than we are.


They had a layout to put them on too (Seven Ash)


The Gravetts were there too. Very nice!


There was a 305mm layout on the doorstep too. They do seem to have some implausible stuff though. Maybe this was the silly last half hour?


And a Weatherill wheel loader too - not the right kind for my shunting tractor but the right manufacturer


Thanks to Dave and his team for an enjoyable show and for the Belgian buns. Yum!


... and thanks to Jim Allwood for being guest op this afternoon.

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Thanks Pete. Yes the layout mostly behaved itself. Inevitably there were a couple of issues - for some reason the fiddle yard deck was not isolating when being moved but that's easy enough to work around once you've figured out what's happening.


The worst issue was some misalignment on the up line where it crosses the joint between the scissors and MPD boards. This caused some derailments but we could partly work around that by sending freights via the other line which is signalled for both directions. This is not a new issue but has proved to be quite resistant to our efforts to sort it out back at base. It seems to be worse at some shows so maybe it's related to the temperature or floor surface.

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