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Sutton Dock

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I have finally made some more progress. A while ago I came across this photo of the GWR facility at Poplar Dock and so I thought I would try and recreate it.




Let me say that I never tried to make an exact copy but to get something similar to the original.


I also tried using card kits and papers frpm Scalscenes - this was my first attmept at a major building wiht them. It still needs some work but here it is in situ. Please ignore the surroundings.....WIP.




Is it me or do things look a lot worse in a photo!!!

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The camera can be very unforgiving! I love the prototype, will you be building a fleet of barges?

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Yes, it certainly can be! I hope some weathering and all the extras will hide the deficiencies in my capabilities.


I'm not sure about a fleet! I have been looking for something to use as a basis for these types of barges but haven't found anything yet. 

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Tack så mycket Mikkel. 


I like the dumb barge on their webpage.

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I need a goods and grain warehouse for Lugsdale road, I have a great idea BUILD IT FOR ME:)

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