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D3721. The Summary.

Mick Bonwick


In response to a recent request, there follows a summary of materials used in this project with the blog entry numbers where they appeared.


Railmatch Frame Dirt - Step 3.


AMMO by Mig Panel Line Wash Black Night - Step 12.


Railmatch Weathered Black - Steps 13 and 15.


AK Interactive Fresh Engine Oil - Steps 14 and 21.


MIG Productions Dark Mud - Step 18.


MIG Productions Track Brown - Step 18.


MIG Productions Black Smoke - Steps 18 and 22.


There is another photograph of the (almost) finished locomotive in my flickr photostream at:




The techniques, tools and materials used in this project can be used for many different weathering tasks. If there are any queries about anything shown here, then don't hesitate to ask.

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Thanks Mick.


Some brilliant images on your Flickr site, by the way. Presumably some of those are commissions?

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Thank you, my Captain.


There are some images of O gauge and N gauge stock that was done for other people, but most of the OO stock is, or was, my own. I flit from one era and area to others not infrequently! I haven't done Scotland, yet. .. ... ....

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You seem to like weathering the Minerva iron mink a lot. Beautiful work.

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I've just read through this blog Mick and am blown away by the description and techniques, it's handy to save it all as I spoke o you at a show and you had a weathered O gauge Land Rover that was done using just 3 products, I bought the products and then subsequently forgot exactly what you did with them! 

I was wondering would you do exactly the same steps and colours if the loco was a BR Black 08?


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Steve, I'd take the same steps, certainly, but might have to alter the colour(s) so that something showed up against the black paint. Best way of determining exactly which colours to use would be to find a colour photograph and study it closely to see how the dirt colour differed from the paint. The dark brown wash that I use might be acceptable.

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