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Bristol Barrow Road - Storage Sidings Update




I have been slowly plodding on with the storage sidings and have now completed turnout 26 out of 39. The main UP and DOWN sidings are finished as far as the track laying is concerned with a number of buffers to be added at a later date. They are not yet operational as the task of wiring and the addition of digital cobalt's is the next item on the schedule after track laying is complete.
Extra sidings are to be installed at either end of the UP and DOWN sidings and the first of these, which leads to the turntable, is nearly finished. This will enable trains arriving in the UP [ the north ] sidings to have their loco detached and turned ready for a return journey.


The following photos show progress over the past month.

















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WOW, you really have cracked on in a week! Looking forward to the 12/10. I should have a completed train to run, if all goes to plan!



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Very impressive, Robin. Does each road to/near/past the turntable have a specific purpose or are they all just general storage?


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Hi Mike, I look forward to seeing your coaches running on the layout.


Hi Dave, From right to left - Loco release road;  Storage siding - Derby TPO and 2BGs; The Centre Road is for incoming locos and will have a B7L linking it to the next road - unfinished - which is for loco storage. The next road is for incoming locos/storage. Finally the far left will accommodate 4/5 coaches for the Gloucester local. That's the plan for now but it may be subject to tweaks.



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Yes it is. There's a long story behind this turntable which I won't go into except to say it was originally on the Glevum S4 Group layout 'Brinkley'.

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