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Gronk One progress




Slowly getting there, confidence higher than usual at the moment.


Cranks and pins and wheels are now mated up, rods laminated and cleaned up. More photos tomorrow.


Quartering next.



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Hi John,


Before you tackle putting the wheel sets together could I suggest you check the crank position on the axles. My experience has been that although you would think that they need to be hard up against the axle shoulder, as you have done - which them means trimming back the ends of the axles for clearance for the coupling rods - the cranks need to be at the end of the axles to provide sufficient clearance for the frames to sit between the wheels and cranks. Hate for you to trim the axles and then find you need new wheels because of the above.





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Oh no! Just saw your comment, too late... I have such a lovely job of the trimming and quartering too. This is most bothersome indeed. I should have checked ahead, but it didn’t seem to be any different in the instructions and articles I have. Oh well, I’ll go and check.... thanks for the heads up though, I’ll update the blog in due course.



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