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The Long Drag to Garsdale – Leafing it to the Trees

Southern Fabricator



I’m slowly working through the process it seems to complete this part of my diorama. Lately other issues have been slowing me down somewhat. With constructing the many sized trees from small bushes 25 mm = 2 m to the the tallest 180 mm = 13.716 in OO Scale the wire lengths needed ranged from 45 mm to 1280 mm.

The Gedeo latex I found needed to be watered down by 10% of its consistency for ease of application. I used a teaspoon full in a small plastic shot glass with a small amount of water and three coats were applied in rotation to batches of trees until I had all eighty done. A bit like painting the Firth of Forth Railway Bridge! I found that using a small brush dipped into a drop of dish wash liquid beforehand with the excess wiped off helped cleaning the latex off it with water later beneficial.

For the tree bases I decided that a flat three root arrangement would provide each tree with more stability when putting aside to dry and help to set into the ground diorama later. Next was to apply the brown spray paint to the bare tree and then use burnt umber along with some light grey on the main trunk and branches and finally start to apply the foliage.
I,ll be only completing enough trees for module one to start with and then finish the rest as needed.

So from a modellers point of view I‘ve found that this has been worthwhile part of making the diorama detail. A little time consuming perhaps like the rest of my efforts but then I’m not in any rush.
As an aside our club was privileged to visit a home DCC OO scale layout and have the pleasure of admiring some exceptional modelling of the Pensford viaduct, station along with its surrounds in Somerset. The chap who built it remembered the Pensford line in operation and he even had a model of the old bus in which Aker Bilk used to practice his clarinet playing rather than annoying his neighbours parked up by the viaduct nearby.

Being a scale model close in length and height to the Dandry Mire viaduct that I’ve yet to build it certainly gained my interest. It made me acutely aware of my own limitations and the time that one needs to be invest.
Later it spurred a lot of discussion amongst GWRM members on new ideas and achievable standards. I was sorry I didn’t take my camera to share this masterpiece with you.

In the meantime looking at many photos and videos of the Garsdale ecology there is a lot going on depending what time of the year and period you you decide on. I have opted for a mid to late Summer look in the contemporary period. You know ‘the sun always shines on TV’ but with a hint of a weather front moving across the fells of Yorkshire.

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