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Peckett W4 No. 883. Temporary Diversion.

Mick Bonwick


Before starting work on this locomotive I decided to remove the rather large supplied couplings. My original intention was to simply have no couplings at all, but then I noticed that there is a coupling hook on both buffer beams, albeit grossly over scale. A delve into a box labelled 'Couplings', that hasn't been opened for years (because it contains, mainly, supplied couplings from RTR rolling stock) revealed the presence of a couple of packets of Roger Smith unassembled 3-link couplings. A quick check of dimensions showed that the links could be assembled and clicked into place in the Hornby coupling hooks.



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Might you be tempted to open the plastic Hornby hook up a bit, Mick, as it's otherwise going to be a bit difficult to hang the wagon hook on them?

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Might be worth doing - I hadn't even thought of checking that! Pulling and pushing wagons hadn't yet entered my view of this locomotive's working life. I mean, it's still pristine, isn't it, straight out of the works?

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That's why I use the admittedly overscale Smiths hooks on most of my stuff. It's far easier to get the link on it under exhibition conditions than a scale hook, such as Masokits, of which I also have a few.

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There's some nice hooks available from Brassmasters - I used them on my Peckett and can recommend them. A little smaller than Smiths (but larger than Exactoscale etc) - but that can be a drawback as they're a little more of a fiddle. 


Paul A. 

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Thanks, Paul. I'll have a think about where to go next. This is meant to be a weathering exercise, and I'm starting to wander off course a bit . . . . . 

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