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Stour valley dream - 4th baseboard constructed

Fen End Pit


A good few hours in TurboCAD, followed by some time on the laser cutter produced parts for the fourth baseboard for my Stour Valley project. This board was a bit more complex than the previous three because it needed to accommodate the small stream which I think was originally part of the moat of the castle. I only had to recut one piece where I screwed up the drawing which is pretty good going!


The ply was stuck together with Gorilla glue, which got me thinking, do they make it from Gorillas or for sticking Gorillas back together when their arms fall off?




This board will take considerably longer for the track to get laid than the previous platform board because it has the point for the coal siding and its catch point, the cross-over at the Long Melford end of the station and the catch point for lay-by siding. A bit more work than the two 4 foot lengths of plain track on the previous baseboard.


Next up will be transferring the Templot track plan onto 6mm cork.



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I keep seeing stuff like this in laser cut ply. The boards you are making are really impressive. 


As I have said elsewhere I am getting a bit wobbly with hand tools such as jig saws, but CAD is not hard and the kind of complex cutting that you are doing might mean that I could justify partial ownership of a laser cutter for my job. And if the odd bit of ply got used for model making , well, er , thats just between us modellers. 

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Lovely work Dave - regarding Gorilla Glue (apart from the obvious allusion to gorillas' strength), if you get it on your skin, it will go a rather gorilla-ish shade of grey. Quite hard to shift...



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Lovely work - I can't remember if I

I asked before but what thickness of ply do you use?

6mm laser ply from slecuk.co.uk


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