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Cheddar P4 - Sept 2018 update - greenery part 4



Now that work is virtually complete on the first two boards (barring the buildings), I've put the first one to one side and begun work on the third one. Although I can erect 6 boards at a time in the garage, they're spanning other layouts and junk meaning they're too high to work on without standing on some form of platform or stool. And one day I'll fall off! Instead I have an area off to the side where I can work on a couple of boards comfortably.
Anyhoo, the third board contains the lime dust shed for Callow Hill quarry which was a fairly spindly kind of affair. Dimensions were guesstimated and a number of trusses soldered up from spare nickel silver rail. Columns and other substantial structural elements were brass and the frame was finished off with copper clad 'purlins', including an unprototypical diagonal but I figured I needed the strength. After painting with a succession of rattle cans, the corrugated iron (?) was added using leftover Slaters and SE Finecast sheets before painting with acrylics and dusting with talc. The Axbridge end has been left open deliberately to match a photo I have. Eventually I'll need to add some yard lamps here and it'd be nice if I can make them work.
The surrounding area has had the scenery added as before and yet more strawberry patches!
On the up side of the layout, I've worked out where a couple of the Bristol Water Works outbuildings will be so the private siding's been laid. This was protected by a gate which may or may not be made to open and close on the model. It'll give the opportunity for yet another shunting move if I do. I'm not sure whether wagons were moved with a pinch bar along the siding though?
Unfortunately this board also requires point rodding so I've made a start on that/ All the various cranks etc. have been cobbled up from Brassmasters and MSE etches and await the fitting of the Modelu stools.
I've still some more line side fencing to add and the concrete retaining wall colours need blending across the baseboard joint, but it's coming on nicely.

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It certainly is coming along nicely, as you say. The transformation from bare boards with track to the scene you are creating is most impressive and gives me hope for my layout, although I have a lot to learn to achieve your level of results.


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