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Peckett W4 No. 883. Step 4.

Mick Bonwick


With the model still in its foam cradle I have airbrushed some more Sleeper Grime onto the buffer beams. I left it to dry for 15-20 minutes (time for a coffee) and then started to remove the paint with a damp brush. The brush is not dampened by dipping it into thinners, but by placing a couple of drops of thinners onto the bristles with a disposable pipette. The combination of not-quite-dry paint and slightly damp brush gives a lot of control over how much paint is removed. With the use of light pressure on the brush, the paint will be left accumulated around detail but removed elsewhere.





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I just found your “blog” here, but have been following your Flickr stream for quite some time. Nice subtle work and a reminder that less is more with weathering.

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Thank you. It's not over yet!


There is still a lot to put on and take off before the end result can be seen on here.

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