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Peckett W4 No. 883. Step 5.

Mick Bonwick


It's all been left to dry properly for 36 hours.


To represent well worn but properly maintained underparts, a layer of AK Interactive Fresh Engine Oil has been brushed onto the rods and wheels. This fluid has some strange characteristics in that it will react with not-quite-dry enamels and make them wrinkly (maybe I should not get quite so close to the bottle in future :prankster: ). Once again, to keep the applied layer even and consistent, the wheels were rotated during the process with the PP9 battery.






I'm risking boring you with photographs now, but here we go. This is what the loco looks like after the work on the underparts. Apart from protecting the whistle with blue coloured tacky stuff, nothing has been done above the running plate.Just look at all the lovely detail that Hornby have been able to give us:



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Got a question, sorry if it's been asked before but when you say the pick ups clear the back of the wheels of any pain, will that then eventually clog the pick ups?


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Thanks, Steve.


If the process continued for too long then, yes, the pickups would clog. What will happen , though, is that when we come to the wheel cleaning bit, you'll see how it's dealt with. Patience is a virtue. :-)

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I'll be getting some  AK Interactive Fresh Engine Oil for certain. 


Paul A. 

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