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Wigan 2018




Closing out our 2018 outings was a trip to Wigan this weekend. Friday evening saw us finding a local hostelry where we were amongst a rather partisan bunch watching Wigan play Castleford in the Rugby League semi final. Wigan won so everyone in the pub was happy although when we got back to the hotel we found that the non model railway occupants seemed to be predominantly from Castleford and rather less happy. The meal on Saturday was entertaining. We were sat on a table with the folks from the Book Law stand so it was interesting to find out a bit more about them and just how many shows they do (it's a lot).


Ths show was good too... but we pretty much expected that. Our new detail cameos seemed to go down well with the younger punters - we now have a quiz card with photos of things for them to find on the layout.


Unfortunately one of our team was not too well today so we were a bit short staffed. It also meant that the rest of us were operating pretty much full time so I didn't take many photos today.


Thanks to John and Adrian for helping us out as guest ops this weekend and to Sam for sticking around to help us pack up.


The few photos that I did take...


Grindley Brook. I really liked this one but the shape of it seems to make it tricky to find an angle for a photo that works.


Us and the Roadshow


Hebble Vale was right next to us so I took a couple in the last few minutes today.

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