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I'm not much good at online posting



What happened to July, August and September ?
Not a lot, yet I seem to have always been doing something, although often not a lot to look back on.


First following my last posting our club exhibition was a great success, always a worry when you change
venues. I ended up winning the Best in Show award, that has a dark side as I'm told it's my duty to be
back with Castell Mawr next year to defend my top slot. I was looking forward to doing some demonstration
modelling, no need for a hired van, no hours of set-up, but I fear I'm committed !!


I was supposed to be making a 'N' gauge layout for the club, but life and the clubs '00' West Bay Layout
got in the way. We started West Bay back around last september, a friend had made the baseboards, laid
the cork and fixed all the Marcway points, SMP track, plus wiring.
We did start ballasting at club, but you can't put baseboards upsidedown when they're running in PVA/water
adhesive. After severa months of stalling I decided to bring home so I could finish laying the yard surface,
adding greenery, plus making up the cattle pens. In 6 weeks there were considerable changes, which I suppose
is where half of August and virtually all September went.


I suppose some pictures are needed now ? Shortly after getting home :-
Board 1




Board 2


The original scene C1920, we're ignoring the fact that all passenger trains ended in the early 1930's
and will have a flexible approach to actual layout over the last 100+ years




I'll have to add another posting due to photographs spread over 2 different computers.



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