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Pt.II Or West Bay Layout



You can see why I'm not very good at online postings, but into Pt.II on my old and clogged up system.


West Bay hasn't changed that much and needs a lot of grass and gravel surfacing, hence being essential to move
somewhere where it can be left undisturbed for days if necessary.


The yard end where it joins Marsh Barn Lane, once a gated road.




Station building and signal box made by another club member. The garden is still there today, but
we need to get planting !




I have this 'signature' fencing on most of my models. Drilled matchsticks threaded with invisible sewing thread.




Don't take any notice of the 'test' traction, it just happened to be Kadee fitted and easily to hand.




Every one of those cattle pen fence rails had to be sanded to an exact fit !




We are now into the saga of trying to get reasonable results from the Kadees. Also found that none of the clubs old
locomotives will run through the Marcway points. As a result new stock is being created and looking for a first class
condition 57XX as it seems all 'new' stocks have been sold !!



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