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J27 #4 - Done

Sylvian Tennant



The J27 is finally done. This was my first time using Lifecolor paints (the odd Vajello and Humbrol paint was used) and I think the effort mostly paid off.




As I don't possess an airbrush nor have a real interest in airbrushing at the moment this has been done entirely by hand. I have to say I am quite impressed by this. I had a couple of issues but that was mainly down to my lack of experience with this range. Any issues were quickly rectified and actually improved on the effects. The cab is removable for ease of maintenance and removal of the chassis. The paints dried with no real streaking which was awesome. There are still a lot of imperfections but that's down to my building skills rather than the paint. I also may have been a little heavy handed and lost the emblem but it's a freight loco and I think it's due for an overhaul.blogentry-8963-0-66764400-1539693027_thumb.jpg









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Thank you man, incidently, I have a Black 5 waiting to be turned into Henry thanks to you. I'm really happy for it, however the different between humbrol and lifecolor is evident when you compare it to my older models. This is a little bit lighter and browner than my oters. This is no bad thing as engines weathered differently at any rate. The cab is alright but again I'd probably protect the inked bits next time as they did run and ruin it slightly.

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