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Mk2F RFP paint

The Fatadder


Today I took advantage of the warm weather to do the majority of the painting on the Mk22 RFB, first priming the buffet area and then spraying the grey.


Typically I have now ran out of masking tape so I can’t do the rest. I might just use a set of fox transfers to add the red stripe and touch up the yellow stripe


My attention to detail is awful at the moment, (in everything not just modelling), I missed adding masking tape to cover the lower coach side




Fortunately it was easy to wipe clean with some thinners




I also did a bit of painting into Merlin, with a second mk3 sleeper and a mk3 TGS both needing the buff adding




Unfortunately that lack of attention to detail came back to bite me,




Yes, I forgot to mask one side of the TGS!


Now I will need to respray the white over the top of the dark green!

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The yellow first stripe has now been painted on (by hand) there are two bits that need touching up on the side plus the red stripe. The latter I will try tomorrow with the transfer. Else it will be sprayed once I have masking tape.


The. Just need to add the door open lights. If I can find my Hurst models fret

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