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Virgin XC in 1998/99: The Locos

The Fatadder


On to the locos for my Virgin XC loco hailed service,


First up 47853, one of only two Heljan class 47s out of what once was a fleet of over ten (the other is in GWT and was my first complete respray). The loco is too late for 1998 being in XP64 livery names Rail Express (whose limited edition this was) the mode has been converted to P4 and has a Shawplan etch for the missing detail on the sides of the cut away buffer beams. Eventually it really needs an extreme etchings roof grill and new handrails. If it was core it would have been replaced with a Vi Trains model by now.




Next up is another loco only just in period, 47817 Institute of Mechanical Engineers (replacing a Heljan model of the same loco that I modelled whilst studying engineering at uni.
It is a Vi Trains model with extreme etching roof grills, Heljan fuel tanks, and a resprayed cabside / roof
Really the loco was renamed too late for my period, eventually it needs replacing with 841 in Intercity which carried the name before 817.




Finally is 47709 in Fraggonset livery, the only loco suitable for 1998, again a vitrains mode resprayed fully into Fraggonset with the usual Extreme Etchings grills.


There are two more locos to add, the first is 47814 Totness Castle in Virgin XC branded livery. If I find a cheap enough Bachmann or Vitrains model it will be a respray


I also want to do the RF large logo grey 47 borrowed by virgin in 98 (also useful as a freight loco)
I have a set of Heljan bogies/ motor to build my own chassis for one or the other of the above

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