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A flush sided shark

The Fatadder


Another old project that I am trying to finish off (in between lettering GWR wagons) is a Hornby shark in Loadhaul livery. If I remember rightly the prototype Hornby released should have flush sides (else another Loadhaul liveries Shark has flush sides)


The sides were smoothed off with filler and it is now in the process of getting the paint finished off, just needing the orange masking up so I can spray the black once it warms up again.


However as I can’t get P4 wheels into the W irons, they have been removed pending the install of an etch


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Rich, I was able to get P4 wheels into my Hornby Shark (and HAA) by carefully paring down the back of the W irons with a new scalpel blade.

I shall watch this thread with interest to see how you get on fitting the new suspension.

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I think that must be how I got them into my Dutch shark,  I wasn't having much luck with this one so cracked out the Xurons and chopped the dammed things off! 

I have two potential routes, carving out enough plastic to allow Bill Bedford units to fit (its a shame the base is so wide...)  Option two is to chop up the chassis and rebuild from scratch, I think I have some scrap Cambrian parts somewhere which my help if necessary.  

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