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Stirrings at Medina Wharf



I have finally started work on Medina Wharf, the last section of track for the small empire in the loft. The pictures show the trackplan and the boards covered with cork, with some trackwork laid out to finalise the positioning. The wharf uses a section of the layout originally earmarked for scenic treatment of the Medina River, and it is much too small to permit a faithful representation of the real location. I've used my well-worn modeller's licence to arrive at a trackplan which will allow the operation of the wharf if not its appearance. I am also going to squeeze in a token version of the nearby cement works which were also served by rail.


As regards the rest of the layout, I finally completed the conversion of the couplings to Kadees, as well as an extensive programme of "fettling" to remove all sources of derailment from the track work. Reliability is now hugely improved, with the occasional item of stock needing to be debugged because of coupling issues or wheel back-to-backs.


Alton, Hants





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Good luck with this section of the IOW Chris. The loft layout must be looking quite good now with Cowes and Newport partly done. 


Do do you have any timetables for the IOW? As you know I am modelling Cowes 1950 and to date have not located a BR timetable for this period.


i have one more rake to complete and possibly 1 more O2 then the buildings will continue in earnest. I must upload some photos as I progress



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I have a 1932 working timetable of the whole Island, and Andrew Britton's book "Once Upon a Line" volume 3 includes the Summer working timetable for 1965 and 1966.


I would be very interested to know if you ever manage to locate one for c1950.



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Hi Chris


i have managed to obtain a copy of the summer 1950 timetable. I can scan at work tomorrow and pm you if interested.



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