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Progress - 5600 no. 2 and Other



Not much progress, really. Been a bit of a bum week for the workbench, errands and more pressing issues cutting into my limited worktime. Most, if not all of that time is recently, and for a while, given over to a Bolt Action army I've been trying to paint as a set. Not doing this again!




Firstly, I've added the small parts to the 56xx. Needs some finessing, though. The rear sanders and front steps foul the rather large pins on the drivers for the rods. Based on space, I'm looking at either omitting the details, or trimming back the pins almost flush. I'm leaning towards the latter.




Secondly, for something mildly different, I've fiddled a bit with my 'reduced' Airfix brake. The goal is to make a OO9 brake out of the kit. I've nicked the idea from Ted Polet, basing my idea on one of his older vans on the C&DR. This pic isn't the most up-to-date, though. I've since undone what I'd glued, pending sourcing a good set-square or such to set the angles right.




Finally, and stretching the limits of relevance, the de Havilland Dragon Rapide I built to go on my club's layout. Terrible kit, and I didn't do any justice to it, but the Arctic Decals that I picked up for the Railway Air Services livery were awesome. I have a Westland Wessex trimotor airliner in resin as a follow-up, for GWR Air Services, but the kit absolutely frightens me.

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