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A Land Rover Series 1 of indeterminate length. Step 5. Pigment.

Mick Bonwick


The key to successful appearance when using pigments is to apply small quantities at a time. This approach allows the gradual build-up of colour and texture, so that the subject is not overwhelmed. My technique involves the following steps:

  • Make sure that the lid of the container is properly screwed on
  • Give the container a brief shake
  • Tap the container firmly on the work surface
  • Open the container and inspect the inside of the lid/cap, where you should see a thin film of pigment
  • Pick up some of this thin film on the tip of your filbert brush
  • Tap the brush on the edge of the lid or pot
  • Gently apply the remaining pigment to the model, moving the brush in a downward motion in the manner that rain would carry the dirt.


The process will allow the representation of a dirt build-up that occurs over time:





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