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A Land Rover Series 1 of indeterminate length. Step 8. Wheels again.

Mick Bonwick


The front wheel and wheel arch have been further treated to show the effects of recently collected mud. In the case of the wheel hub, a dry brush was used to pick off some of the white spirit-infused pigment before the mixture had dried. This excess was wiped off on a paper towel, and the remaining trace of pigment on the brush tip just gently touched onto the wing surface, leaving a trace of discolouration thereon. The rubbed appearance on the tyre sidewall was done by rubbing the thin layer of wet pigment that was there with a damp cotton swab of the Tamiya type.





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  • RMweb Gold

Hi Mick

I really like what you are doing here, but perhaps when you are finished you could contrast this with what you would do in 4mm - which would be, I suspect, somewhat less.


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Hi Tony,


I certainly wouldn't try to introduce the texture of the accumulated mud. That would be a little too much in 4mm scale. Subtle changes in the colour of pigment used would create a similar effect, though, especially if some areas were to be depicted as wetter than others. Pigments can be mixed in a similar way to paints, so in our example here we could have mixed a little dark grey with the dark earth to change the shade of dirt.

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