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A little work on 47768 and 37612

The Fatadder


I didn’t get nearly as much done as I hoped this evening, however have at least made progress on a couple of long term projects blocking space on the work bench.


First up 47768, it has got to the point that I can’t axxwpt the depot plaques on the cab sides that were removed in 96. So I have removed the etch, sanded down the cab side and repainted. I used Virgin red which was a pretty good match to Vi Trains RES red (and will be perfect once blended in with weathering)
I understand they were often used on day time clay workings making use of the locos that were awaiting a turn on the evenings tpo/ parcels trains.




I have also got on with the new ends for 37612 which will be in 1998 condition DRS, it has had the multi working recess cut out, extra workers etc added to the end and a coat of red paint on the bufferbeam. I still can’t find a pair of doors for this loco so it’s likley it will only be finished on one side.


blogentry-54-0-13914600-1542534796_thumb.jpeg. Still needs the filler tidying up from the looks of things


Once the other end is modified (tomorrow maybe) the loco canned fitted with the remaining transfers, varnished, and put away until I make my Sharpness Docks inspired layout one day.
Will sort a photo in the morning


Other than these I also have the Loadhaul shark awaiting paint (hopefully in the next week now the masking tape has arrived), some urchins also awaiting paint, and a GWR cattle van that needs numbering.
Clear these up and it’s back to track building...

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Silly error time, just went to add the number transfers after converting the no2 end, only to realise I haven’t filled a window!

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