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Cheddar P4 - November 2018 update



After the distractions of the Triang bogie brake, I've found time to return to the scenics of board 4. I've mocked up the market gardeners cottage based on the limited information I have. I think it's a little too large at the moment but I'll ponder that one.
The rest is a repeat of previous boards; basic ground cover is static grass applied through a Flockit, additional cover is postiche and scatter, trees are Woodlands scenics armatures and more postiche, fencing is EZ line, strawberry patches are formed from filler and 'topsoiled' before adding the rows and rows of various plants. I need to pick up some point rodding cranks from Brassmasters at Warley and then I'll be able to finish that off.
There was a permanent way hut on the up side, but otherwise this board is about finished.
The road at the rear of the layout has yet to be installed. I've plans for that but that's for the future.

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Very effective scenics, in my view. The first photo makes me think of the orchards at various NT properties I visit and the strawberry patches look most convincing.

Looking forward to seeing further progress.


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That's looking excellent Andrew - I look forward to seeing it once it's done; the orchard is especially effective, I think.


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Andrew with the gardeners cottage, are you working from the Britain from Above photo July 1930?

Just my opinion you may know more than my above reference. I see two stories and the rail side porch only half as high as the eves and about a third of the width of the building.

Sorry if this is out of turn.


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