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The Long Drag to Garsdale – Commencing to address the diorama.

Southern Fabricator


A lot of tasks to complete with the above under way. The idea if successful will provide a texture once sanded with a suitable 120 grit or other, to the roads on this 1st module. I will also try a timber matt grey acrylic paint to cover over the shaped graphite polystyrene after a trial test. This may help to avoid disaster and make the rest of the diorama construction less involved as opposed to using other methods. Its worth a try in my view. Speaking of which there’s a few photos for you following.

I’ve mocked up the buildings to get a perspective to see how the Railway Cottages behind the Platform one Retaining wall will fit together. The back scene 300 mm high panels that will double as a means of stacking my modules together will also serve to protect the buildings.
One challenge I’m keen to try is joining the modules and the Platforms together to a nearly invisible one. I’ve done a lot of visits and researched to try and accomplish this, so wish me luck.

Next up is to lay some track down so the two platforms can be made. The width for Platform one to Carlisle worked out to 60 mm plus another 10 mm for access each side of the waiting room and signal box areas.
Leeds Platform two width and incorporating Platform three for Hawes came to 118 mm maximum width due to the track curvature.
When you compare the two platform buildings, the Carlisle down line waiting room has the greater pedestrian space to the track edge coping stones.

My last current involvement is with RC Servos that will be my turnout motors. Eventually I wish to use the MegaPoint system, but in the interim have opted to develop a modified simple system for controlling the servos as a stepping stone.


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