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Bachmann COV AB / VDA van. Step 1. A Thin Wash.

Mick Bonwick


The previously illustrated MIG Dark Wash has been applied from an airbrush as three VERY thin coats. This was achieved by thinning the already thin wash with white spirit and spraying from about 20cm away. The discolouration achieved each time was barely visible, but you should be able to see from this photograph that the wash has collected on the edges of moulded detail in much the same way as dirt would fall on the real thing.



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That's very subtle Mick, is that why you used the airbrush and not the usual method of applying the wash?


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That's right, Steve. The layer of dirt that you can see in the original photograph is consistently thin, although it has changed the colour of the wagon significantly. My intention is to copy that as closely as I can. One disadvantage of this approach is that the wash tales a long time to dry, although it can be helped on its way by directing a plain airflow from the airbrush. Just air, no paint.

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