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The Long Drag to Garsdale – Diorama, ‘It don’t come easy’

Southern Fabricator


Got to pay your dues if you want to play with choos (really?) I wonder if Ringo has ever sung those words around his own layout? Having great fun laying down gravel access roading around the Railway Cottages. I started out putting a thin film of filler where the roads were, but then noticed the stepped cottages would need to move slightly for clearance of the backscene board and a 3.0 mm height adjustment to realign the cottage entrances with the road level.

As I said earlier, the first four cottages became a casualty of my baseboard width restriction as a further 200 mm would be needed to accommodate them. The challenge for me is the physical reach one needs to get over the backscene board to the other side. The current set up allows to some how blend the cottages into the scene I wish to develop. A few more sleeps will finally help to decide... perhaps.

So after underpinning the stepped cottages, the new improved gravel road surface was laid down.
It may seem a long way to do things like cutting the road pattern out of A4 size photocopy paper,
but in order to cut P 80 grit sandpaper you need to mark it out on the non grit side hence the use of a pattern. I’m not completely happy with the sandpaper joints as try as best I could to make them ‘invisible’ shrinkage happens and with filler this only helps exaggerate it. Maybe a light wire brushing will help.

The sandpaper came with a light yellow colour in one metre strips x 115 mm wide that required more acrylic grey paint in a few shades that also proved to need a more generous coating worked in to eliminate that yellow!
However this looked a tad shiny when done and only after using a few dark grey washes did it dull down and improve the access roads overall appearance.

The Glycerol treatment on my fir tree has not prevented the asparagus fern from turning brown unfortunately, so my next option is to give the fir tree a very light spray of a florists green paint and see what happens then. Otherwise I will need to add a green food colour to the glycerol and try that until all options are exhausted.

The grass will be my next challenge on the ‘to do list’ and I could even try to make a static grass applicator for myself.


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