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No mileage in sleepless nights - West Bay getting close to finished ?



At Beaminster Exhibition on 12th January the new 'West Bay' will have it's first outing.
Currently still in my shed, but with the Kadees almost behaving, lighting fixed and
functional, even a couple of wagon kits finished except weathering (That may not get
done in time) I'm no longer stressed !!




As I write the fiddle-yard board is in my kitchen for a few prettying jobs. Why ? It's a
fiddle-yard ? Ahh you should see how hard visitors will try to see what's behind the
scene - Been there and done that !!



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Thanks Mikkel, and other 'Likes'.

While getting this layout ready for our 12th January exhibition I've had to divert to

finish my this years club diorama competition entry. Last worked on and in a blog

posting here dated 31st May. It's been sitting gathering cobwebs in the garage since

then, luckily no damage.

Now tonight has water added to the stream,  masking tape dams will haveto stay in

place until morning.





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