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Slow progress



Good evening all. Since my last post modelling has been almost stopped. I had got to a stage where I had to wire up two new platform lampposts and two street lighting posts. This obviously meant working on the underside of the board, which is now a problem. My physical conditions no longer allow me to tip the board on edge like I could a couple of years ago to work upright. Working seated is not comfortable, but after a week turning the matter over in my mind, I decided to put into practice an idea that had occurred to me. The leads from the new posts were long enough to reach some terminal blocks where earlier installed lamps were connected. However, the problem here was how to get the hair thin leads pass through the terminal blocks already full of wires. Just by loosening the screws and trying to push the wires through would not work, because the wires have no body and would just curl up. The idea was to use a needle and thread them through in that way. So, I rummaged in the sewing cabinet and found a tapestry needle which had an eye large enough to take the filaments, although not the plastic sheath. This was overcome by stripping off (with a cigarette lighter) part of he sheath. I was than able to pass the wires through the blocks without dislodging the existing wires. The first lamp went o.k., but there was a contact fault with the second one which required me to release the wire, back it off a little, burn off a portion of sheath and then tighten it up again. Now all my station platform lights work. The street lighting will require the leads to be extended because they are farther away from the nearest terminal block of the existing lighting, but I don't anticipate any serious problems. Once that job is done, I can back to populating the platforms and streets with standing figures, since I have already placed a good number of seated figures.

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Those micro-fine wires really are a problem, especially once one's eyesight has reach the point where they are barely visible!  My own solution (described in my blog) was to solder these fine wires to a small circuit board that also carries a block connector.  This meant that I could complete the wiring under the baseboard with sensibly sized wire. 


I also have reached the age when working under the baseboard is extremely uncomfortable and getting out again is much worse than getting in, so anything that simplifies work down there is very valuable :)

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