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GWR Coach Painting: Complete

The Fatadder


After another long painting session last night I have now finished the painting on my Centenary rake, the H33 and H26 resturants, and the A20 First (although on the latter I was not paying attention to what I was doing and forgot to paint one end!)


The majority still need underframe weathering and they all need lining and numbers etc, but the project is certainly on the home stretch now. One aim to achieve over the winter is to get these coaches complete (with couplings fitted) to enable them to be transferred onto the layout.


With Wheal Imogen my 1990s layout, needing to be complete for its exhibition debut in February, 2019 should see a lot more progress on Brent

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What is the third carriage up from the bottom please? I can’t recall a carriage with doors in the middle in the Centenary stock.


Thanks, Neal.

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From top to bottom

Centenary restaurant first

2 centenary thirds

A20 large window first

H33 restaurant

H26 70ft restaurant

Centenary compo



Somewhere in the mix is a centenary break (rh) and a restaurant third.


The LH centenary break is in the garage awaiting a respray of one side where the cream paint peeled off with the masking tape

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Thanks for that, looks like a productive session getting all of those done. Thanks for sharing.

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