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Modernising the Bachmann TPO pt3

The Fatadder


The project has slowed down somewhat while attention turns to a few other WIP projects, however a key task was completed last night with the production of the new window frames.


The 10thou frames were cut using single pass, while the 20thou was set to double pass


I am very happy with the results, just need to get them fitted to the model now (although I won’t get a chance until tomorrow I suspect.) It once again highlights the benefits of the Silhouette cutter, cutting 7 identical 1mm thick window frames with curved corners (plus 3 more to complete the NUA) would be a very difficult, tedious task. Etching them would take a lot more time and money. With the silhouette I had the parts drawn up and ready to use in about an hours work. If I hadn’t got distracted painting 1940s coaches, they would already have been fitted to the Bachmann coach…


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