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Bachmann VAA (Maroon) 200119. Step 1 - Fading.

Mick Bonwick


The ComArt paint is advertised as airbrush ready, but I've still thinned it down a little with a few drops of acrylic thinner from Ultimate. This product is usable with all acrylic paints including Tamiya. Applied from an Iwata Eclipse CS airbrush set to 20 psi, putting 3 very fine coats on and not bothering to wait between coats because it dries so fast. If you look closely at the finish, it's very grainy, but that will not be a problem because there is much more work to be done, which will disguise the graininess. Honest, guv!










I have made no attempt to mask any part of the vehicle while doing the sides and ends, because the very thin layer of paint will help to hold subsequent applications of pigments in place.

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Looking good, woud you use the same fade colour for any livery?



Bauxite, Maroon, Rail Blue but probably not Brunswick Green. The latter seemed to get darker with age rather than lighter.

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