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2018 in Review

The Fatadder


The key stock projects for 2018 were:
Ø Paint the Cargowaggon pair > done
Ø Fit the bogies and ends to the TDA and paint > done
Ø Build 4 ex Caustic Soda TTAs > done
Ø Commission etched walkways for the ex Bowaters tanks > no progress
Ø Fit couplings to all completed clay wagons > no progress
Ø Weather the CDAs / build the other 6 > no progress
Ø Paint GWT sleeper rake into Intercity > one more GWT sleeper part sprayed.
Ø I have also started putting together a Virgin Trains XC loco hauled rake > good progress see below.


The Cargowaggon Twin:
This is the latest project to cross the work bench, after spraying the ends blue earlier in the year the past week has seen the sides painted silver, the logo panels painted yellow and the transfers applied. A start has also been made on the weathering process
TDA ECC Slurry Tank
Roof walkways were fabricated from Bachmann TTA parts with a scratch built end platform. The model has been sprayed into ECC livery with transfers from Railtec.
Virgin 47817
An old project to renumber a Vi Trains class 47 to 47817 Institute of Mechanical Engineers, the cab sides and roof had previously been resprayed but the colour was a poor match. So these were resprayed again with a more suitable grey. Numbers and nameplates were added along with Extreme Etchings grills.
Virgin XC Mk2 Rake
Test coach to test method for carving off the fictional solbar worked well, so planned for rollout to rest of fleet. A start was made on Kaydee fitting before running out of coupling boxes. 3 more coaches in Intercity were added to complete the rake, one of which was converted into the buffet first. Seats have all been painted and a start has been made adding passengers.
A flush sided shark
Lots of rework to a flush sided LoadHaul shark to get the sides into a state fit for painting, before respraying the orange / black livery. The wirons have been removed pending replacements that will fit P4 wheels.
47768 RES
The loco had a poor colour match around the replacement roof grills, so the roof was repainted in a weathered grey along with weathering the sides. The depot plaques on the cab sides were removed, touching in the red paint and weathering to hide.
TPO Modelling
NUA conversion (DC Kit sides on a Mainline Mk1), one side converted, parts formed to replace the missing bits on the other side (a 2019 task)
NSA conversion of a Bachmann NSA into a refurbished variant, filling the large windows and doors and adding the small window frames with parts cut on the silhouette cutter. Model now ready for paint.
37612 DRS
Another finishing project, first filling the excess bodyside windows (making a mistake as only one should have been filled.) The other needs a new frame and the window blank removing. The noses were replaced with centre box ends (ex 37521) modified with recessed socket and multi working jumpers. Transfers are also applied (bar the cantrail stripe). It needs new doors forming for the other side, having had good results making my own doors as a 3 piece lamination on the silhouette this is the solution to finish the loco in 2019.
20302 DRS
Rework to the ends to get back to 1998 condition, respray the roof into grey to match prototype, ends painted red along with repairs to the DRS blue. Transfers applied. Model needs a cantrail stripe, glazing, window frames fitting, and new bogie frames.
EWS 37521
Reusing a surplus Bachmann Class 37 in EWS the model was renumbered from a renumbered 37, fitted with flush ends (sourced as spares via ebay) and Extreme Etchings nameplates for the “English China Clays” name. it has been fitted with a set of P4 wheels out of a Bachmann 66 but the gears are a slightly different design and do not mesh properly. It needs a buffer repair and couplings to finish off.
50007 Elgar
Minor rework to the model to resolve mazac rot issues
EWS 31466
Finishing off a part resprayed Hornby Class 31 from way back, it was to be in Wessex Trains livery (no use for 1998) so I have gone for EWS for something a bit different. Full respray and transfers.
TTA Slurry Tanks
A set of 3 china clay slurry tanks have been converted from TTAs, these are place holders until something more accurate is made available (the barrels are too large diameter). They are currently in the paint pile.
37194 Railfreight Grey
Full respray of a detailed Bachmann body, fitted with Tre Pol and Pen names and now awaiting a P4 conversion. At the moment the intention is to use a full set of P4 chassis and swap bodies between them rather than converting both fleets. This will also mean that I can more easily sell off the 1980s stock eventually should I decide to wholly focus on 1998.
50002 Large Logo
Another old respray finished off, spraying a detailed Hornby Class 50 into large logo blue with a black roof along with Superb name plates. It needs some rework to sort out the cantrail stripe.


Class 58s
An EWS Class 58 was detailed with the door handrail plates fitted along with buffer beam details, a Mainline 58 was renumbered and had the grills painted grey (using Vallejo grey black) and also fitted with the handrail plates. This loco was also fitted with P4 wheels swapped out of some Class 33s that I was selling.
Virgin XC Mk3 TRSB
Completing a project from 2006 finishing the respray of the coach and applying the white lines / Virgin logos, before adding glazing. This completes my Virgin XC hst rake, although its partially P4 the powercars are OO. My intention is to unconvert the coaches so that the full rake is OO and can be ran on Brent (and hopefully get the odd run out on friends layouts)
Respray of a Limby model, unfortunately needs a new roof due to the existing one shattering on removal.
On to 2019 Plans
I would like to finish off the TPO project, which requires two more NSAs to be converted. I have the Bachmann mk1 cores and just need to source DC Kits sides. Aim to see DC Kits at Thornbury in May.
37612 in DRS, draw up some new doors and a side window frame in cad and run through the cutter, paint & fit to finish the model
Lots of stock in need of OHLE cantrail stripes adding, I plan on getting a bow pen as I am not getting on with transfers.
STS (ex Bowaters) slurry tanks, I have found a suitable TTA etch to modify, just need to paint, fit and add ladders.
The CDAs still need weathering, with 10 more still to convert. I need to find a more elegant solution to the poor chassis design.
Lots of couplings still need to be added to clay stock, and kaydees to coaching stock.
Paint up the Intercity mk2d / mk3 sleepers for my GWT sleeper.
I have a pair of S Kits nuclear flask wagons which could do with painting / bogie assembly to run with the DRS 20/37. I keep thinking about buying another Bachmann 20 to convert into 20301, ideally picking up a non runner at a ridiculously cheap price. A flush front triple grey DRS 37 is another one on the to do list that is a maybe for next year.
Other potential projects are finishing off my second GWT HST rake, more bogie clay slurry tanks, and various weathering projects.


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