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DC KitsTPO NSA pt2

The Fatadder


On to part two of my TPO build, with the girls up very early again this morning (and distracted by their new toys). I snuck off to the railway room for half an hour before heading out for the day.


The first task was fitting the final section of side, cutting to length and then flying into place.


Once this dried the roof was temporarily fitted and attention moved on to the right hand panel. One side on my chosen prototype has a different window location. (A word of warning, it seems no two TPO coaches were the same, with windows and grills appearing in different places).
Fortunately I have a lot of spare window frames from my Bachmann conversion. So after carving off the original frame and filling with evergreen strip, I drilled out and added the new frame.


It now needs a bit of filler, the roof needs to be updated with different vents and it will be ready for paint.


I looked at starting on the second one, but the chassis is a bit more difficult to use. I have stripped it down but I am now thinking I will look in my VSOE box and swap chassis with one of those (as it hopefully will have the raised edge that is required).








NSA (t)




As many as I can show on Wheal Imogen. I need to find some OO disk wheels and get the bogies capable of working on Brent. (And I need to get the bits ordered for my 1940s equivalent set


I am thinking about adding another NTA if I can source another cheap Bachmann NSA, I want to do one of the NTAs with the recess from the nets (a pretty heavy rebuild to do the windows and add an extra door)

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A packet of Hornby 14.1mm disc wheels may be your best option. Remember to adjust the B2B with a gauge - they are normally sold tight

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Strangely the 12mm disk pack that I need for the B5s always seems to be a lot more expensive than the 14mm pack,  fortunatly I have a box full of wheels freed up from P4 wagon conversions  so there should be enough in there to do a couple more of these.  

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