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Sunbeam Talbot 90 - Rather Rusty. Step 1 - Wash.

Mick Bonwick


This topic will use an AMMO by Mig wash, Africa Korps Wash A.MIG-1001. Why? Because I have some and it has a red tinge to it, which I thought would work on a green vehicle.


The jar needed a good shaking and mixing before being applied because the pigment had separated from the carrier and there was a ridge of hardened paint around the inside of the lid. I obviously didn't heed my own advice the last time I used it, and didn't clean the top and rim before replacing the lid.


Application was done with a rigger brush, allowing capillary action to take the wash into all of the panel join lines and along body creases. It looks a mess at this stage, but will be left for 15 to 20 minutes to dry, before the next stage.



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Long bristles to hold the fluid and fine tip to accurately place it. Some folks use a small, fine round-tipped brush, but I find the rigger holds far more paint and is just as accurate.

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